Bosch Commercial Pool/Spa heaters

Why choose a Hi-Tech Bosch Bowman System?

Between them, Bosch and Bowman have over 110 years experience in manufacturing quality pool heat
exchangers, and delivering energy efficient hot water systems to Australian households.
Only Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers provide a simple method of heating swimming pool water
indirectly with a Bosch Commercial Hot Water unit(s), making the system reliable and efficient.
All Bowman swimming pool heat exchangers are manufactured with corrosion resistant titanium tubes and
corrosion resistant end covers and are suitable for use with chlorine water, seawater, and spa pools. There is also
a comprehensive 10 year warranty on all Bowman heat exchangers against pool or spa water corrosion.

The Bosch Commercial Condensing unit (32C)

Bosch have developed the Commercial Condensing to complement their already comprehensive range of highly
efficient Commercial hot water units. The new Bosch 32C will sit at the top of the range as the most efficient
Commercial gas hot water unit on the market today.
The new Bosch 32C gas hot water unit is the next generation in obtaining hot water utilising condensing
technology. This product innovation uses a dual heat exchanger created from a combination of stainless steel
and copper heat exchangers.
The 100% stainless steel component captures the residual heat from the exhaust gas to preheat the incoming
water prior to the water entering the main copper heat exchanger - making the appliance over 94% efficient!
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Use of highly efficient Bosch commercial grade water heaters as primary heating unit
Forced draught burner system
Up to 94% thermal efficiency using Bosch 32C unit
Use of Bowman heat exchangers with titanium tube as secondary heating unit
100% heat transfer between Bosch and Bowman units
Titanium tube impervious to corrosion from pool or spa water
10 year warranty on Bowman heat exchanger against pool or spa water corrosion. The only gas pool heating system that carries a warranty against pool and spa water corrosion
5 year warranty on Bosch heat exchanger
Elimination of condensation within the primary heat exchanger (main cause of heat exchanger sooting in atmospheric pool heaters)
System comes complete with top up tank, digital thermostat control, over temperature manual reset control, primary circulating pump, all primary water connections already complete, equipment already attached to a heavy gauge aluminium frame
Product Features:

   Current Available Outputs:     

          -  55 kW
          -  110kW
          -  165kW
          -  220kW
          -  275kW
          -  330kW
          -  385kW
          -  440kW
          -  etc...